Coin Master Viking Quest Tricks

Coin Master has various moments in which the game gives players opportunities to achieve huge wins & grasp large prizes. Coin Master Viking Quest Trick is one of those occasions that a player receives in the beginning levels of the game.

Coin Master Viking quest is an event where a player can get many Coin Master free spins and coins, pet potions, XP, chests, pet food & rare or gold cards as well.

It is the most anticipated event in the game because of the prizes it earns. Another perk of playing Viking Quest in the game is the coins that you get in this event will be raid-free for the succeeding three minutes!

So it is a sort of support, just similar to the ghost mode, where you have the benefit of not getting robbed by your companions.

So let’s not misuse more time. Many of you apparently understand how to play Viking quest in coin master, so we are not going to jump into that now.

Instead, now we have found for you Viking Quest tricks!

So proceed reading & bless yourself with some coin master Viking quest tricks that we have got for you.

Coin Master Viking Quest Tricks

Viking Quest is a great event that showers billions of coins over you, accompanying with many other rewards. But, as they say, nothing grows free!

To get billions of coins out of Viking Quest, you’ll have to have billions of coins accumulated for yourself. Only then you would be able to note some progress in the Viking quest.

Once you own coins around 5-10 billion, you are all arranged for the event. As this event begins in the first five levels of the game, you can quickly accumulate some coin packs for yourself, particularly for the event.

Below are some tips & tricks for the Viking quest which can assist you in getting huge in the event. If you don’t obey these tricks, you may waste every cent in the Viking quest!

How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

 Here’s how you can get Viking quest in Coin Master

Play Cool At First

You can play relaxed & slow at first because they let you play smoothly & let you get the coins before the rage comes.

They provide you coins on the bonus wheel smoothly in the first five levels so you can play relaxed at the beginning. No upsets. It is level 6 from where the genuine quest starts!

Bring the Bet Back & Forth during Viking Quest

You have to risk thoughtfully in the bonus wheel throughout the Viking quest. Gambling carelessly will cost you rather than getting you the coins. So here’s what you need to do to get huge:

When you arrive at the sixth level in the bonus wheel, try gambling at the below number in the beginning & after one spin, boost to something medium.

For instance, if you are betting at 2,000,000, raise it to 8,000,000. Do 20 spins with this, you’ll apparently get something huge. After 20 turns, increase the betting value to the most expensive & do 12 more spins.

You are more prone to record lots of blows following this plan. Tremendous successes are confirmed!

Slot Machine & Bonus Wheel Trick

Here is another approach to get Viking quest cheaply & simply. In this way, we recommend you practice one spin at the slot machine & then practice the bonus wheel.

If you are gambling regularly & ain’t receiving any significant gains, then first press the button & go the slot machine. Do one spin & turn to the bonus wheel. Fixed your bet to average number & begin spinning.

When you get 3 or 4 rewards, boost your bet to the highest & begin spinning. After every one or two spins, you are definitely going to get huge practicing this method!

Though these methods have worked with numerous players, it is not good to represent the 100% working because Coin Master algorithms keep replacing.

But something is better than nothingSo it’s more suitable to get something practicing these coin master Viking tricks than nothing at all.

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